All about me

Hi! I’m Caiden and i’m a game developer/streamer/youtuber! And i’m a kid! I’ve been developing games for 4 years now and I thought that its time that I launch my career! 6 years ago I was introduced to a game called Minecraft. And I also found out about YouTube, and I got inspired by a YouTuber called DanTDM. And well I wanted to make videos on my own, so I made 5 videos. 2 on minecraft and 3 on lego/toy reviews, and I called myself CaidenMcC. 2 years later I discovered a game called Undertale, and when I found out that two people made that amazing game I asked my dad if I could learn how to make video games. So he found a course website named Youth Digital but sadly its now shutdown. Now in 2020 I decided to kick start my career and get back into game development, streaming, and YouTube.

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